10th Island Project

Student Portfolios

Students will use engineering concepts through a series of projects to model engineering efforts needed to facilitate and support the development of Santa Luzia. Students will experience a wide range of engineering applications for a variety of engineering majors through designing, building and testing the projects. The Projects are: 

Aerospace (AE)
Students will design, build and demonstrate a motorized airplane and an air boat ROV which can maneuver forward, backward and turn in water.

Pathogen Detection Device (BME, EE)
Students will design and build a device, that processes sensor data detecting the presence of a three types pathogen and selects then delivers the appropriate neutralizing agent

Water Treatment Train (ChE)
Students will design and build water testing, treating and delivery system that allows for delivery of acceptable water to distribution point or diversion of unacceptable water to reprocessing point

Transportation (CE,CSci, ME)
Students will build an automated materials transporter and a bridge

Project overview and planning (IE) – Collaborative for all projects 
Students will use Google Sketch up to create a three dimensional model identifying locations of airplane runway, pathogen detection stations, water treatment plants, bridge and ports for Automated materials transporter and air boat ROV