Learning with the Tools of the Trade

When the SHINE18 cohort arrived at MATLAB training on Tuesday, 6/26/18, they didn’t quite know what they were in for. Or what they would soon be capable of. Obviously, all SHINE students are rather good at math. [Read more]

Prof. Zavaleta Sheds (Fluorescent) Light on Cancer Imaging

The productive tension between the tiny details of any research project and the research’s broader significance is a theme this first week of the SHINE program. The SHINE students were thrown into labs structured by precise methodology, expensive equipment and highly educated mentors. [Read more]

Teamwork is Essential to Engineering

Spaghetti, Coffee Stirs, Coffee Lids, Pipe Cleaners, and Coffee Sleeves. Why would we give these to 33 high school students who don’t know each other? These students are in Week 1 of seven weeks of the Summer High School Intensive in Next-Generation Engineering (SHINE) program, [Read more]

High School Students Begin Summer Engineering Research

On Monday, June 18, Brody Bishop, an aerospace engineering enthusiast who became a pilot at twelve, and Mei Lao, who in her free time explores the links between Alzheimer’s and populations of genocide survivors, joined 31 other high school students in the biggest and most impressive cohort yet of USC Viterbi’s SHINE program.  [Read more]