New Technological Horizons in Electrical Engineering

The SHINE students challenged themselves last Friday in sessions devoted to the field of electrical engineering, including a tour of USC’s cleanroom and a workshop on quantum computing. In the morning, the cohort split up and took turns touring the USC Keck Photonics Cleanroom. [Read more]

SHINE Students Take the Lead

The SHINE cohort meeting on Friday 13, 2018, SHINE began with a brief overview of USC Viterbi poster conventions in preparation for the SHINE Poster Session on 8/2/2018 from 1:30 – 3:30. But we quickly ceded the floor to the SHINE  [Read more]

SHINE Spotlights Civil Engineering

Each Friday, we at SHINE highlight on a particular branch of engineering in workshops designed to show SHINE students the diversity of the field. And speaking of lights, the SHINE students on Friday, July 13, 2018 not only received an introduction to the foundations of Civil Engineering [Read more]

Learning from Women Who Code

We are increasingly coming to recognize how much representation matters in STEM. When youth see adults who look like them doing interesting work, it’s easier for them to imagine themselves embarking on similar journeys. [Read more]

Supercomputing: The Future of Engineering with Prof. Sharada

Supercomputing has expanded the field of engineering. While computations have always had their place in engineering research, the ability to employ hundreds and even thousands of computer processors on one computational task has transformed what used to be speculative into the realm of the possible. [Read more]

Navigating Academic Research: SHINE Library Sessions

In addition to doing research specific to each of their professor’s engineering labs this summer, SHINE students are also learning many transferable skills that they’ll use in college and beyond. To help foster the students’ intellectual curiosity and shape their understanding of scholarly research conventions,  [Read more]

Making a Difference: TELACU Education Foundation’s Vision

Three of our SHINE students come to USC Viterbi after being nurtured by the TELACU Education Foundation. As participants in TELACU’s College Success Program, these SHINE students have earned excellent grades, laudatory teacher recommendations, and good test scores.  [Read more]