SHINE 2021 2-Week Analysis


It’s been two weeks since the official kick-off of the SHINE 2021 cohort’s summer semester. From learning how to maneuver Mathworks' MATLAB with Professor Hsu to SHINE Mentor-led sessions on machine learning to extensive USC Library training, these high school students have made great strides in just the two out of seven weeks they’ll be studying at USC.

But now that they've made it 30% of the way, what do the students have to say?


In a Two-Week Survey students self-reported on their perceived progress and gave insight on how summer engineering with SHINE is going so far. When asked about program affairs (such as Professor Raghothaman’s Overview of Constraints or Subcohort Time with Center Mentors) students reported to have liked the activities they attended eighty-three percent of the time. 

Students also reported feeling apt to meet learning objectives the majority of the time asked. For example, in the case of their comprehension of scholarly articles, simulaic errors and limitations and prior knowledge connection over eighty-five percent of students reported being in somewhat-strong agreement with these skills.


Academics agree that there is a link between student connectedness and scholastic achievement. Along with positive effects on grades, student connectedness can also be an important protective factor for many students physically and emotionally. Achievement and interpersonal relationships go hand in hand even in schooling. In an educational setting, this creates a welcoming learning atmosphere where both educators and students can thrive.

“Everything about SHINE has exceeded my expectations. I came in 
thinking that with everything being online, it would be just like every other program. That was not the case, and I can definitely say that I am loving everything so far with my mentor,
center mentor, Dr. Mills and all the activities. Not only that, but I've made some amazing friends so far from SHINE :)

- SHINE 2021 Student

At USC Viterbi SHINE student connectedness is reinforced through student relationships with Mentors and Center Mentors. Mentors work closely with SHINE students, directing lab and/or computational research and training. While Center Mentors work more closely to the K-12 STEM Center itself supporting the students through the program. 


Here are some things SHINE students had to say when prompted about their Mentors: 

“Shine mentors are doing really well. They explain things and try to simplify the activities and make a lot of things hands on”

“Mentors are supportive and I am glad they are here to guide me through this process.”

“I really like my SHINE mentors, going into SHINE I thought they’d be intimidating but they’re very kind and caring.”

-SHINE 2021 Students

Published on July 6th, 2021

Last updated on July 8th, 2021