High School Pilots Turn Toward Aerospace Research

Oroville Wright’s birthday, August 19, 1871, has been celebrated since 1939 as National Aviation Day. For his first flight in 1903, Oroville was 32 years old, still a young man whose curiosity about flight remains commonplace among adolescents and young adults deciding what to do with their lives. Today, just under 3% of pilots are between the ages of 16 … Read More

STEM Teacher Blends Equity and CS Education

“While students experience math- and CS-aversion as an intensely personal problem, I view it as a structural one… but we can do something about it!”– Elizabeth NaamehWhen it comes to equity in STEM education, from the rates of female students pursuing STEM majors to the percentage of students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds on high school computer science class … Read More