Dr. Gray: STEM Educator

Dr. Gray: The STEM Educator


Dr. Darin Gray, Co-Director of the K-12 STSEM Center, received two new Awards this week, adding to his long list of awards, including "Engineer of the Year" in 2020 by the Orange County Engineering Council.

At the Los Angeles Awards Dinner of the Engineer’s Council, Dr. Gray was awarded the STEM Educator Award “for a lifetime of passionate and innovative service, teaching, and mentoring that has changed the lives of thousands of K-12 students and educators, especially those in under-resourced and overlooked communities.”

Darin's passion for science, technology, engineering, and math engages students and makes them want to learn. Additionally, Dr. Gray won the February Recognition Award by the USC Staff Assembly. Nominated by Dr. Dieuwertje Kast, Director of STEM Education Programs at USC Dornsife, Dr. Gray is a treasure at USC, says Dr. Kast, noting he "has made genuine contributions to the quality of life at the University over his 25 years. He strives to do his best in all facets of his life and is the poster child for integrity, excellence and accountability.”

Accompanying Dr. Kast in the nomination was Jennifer Kolbauer, the K-12 STEM Center Gender Coordinator and Program Manager.
"I, along with many of my other colleagues, feel highly encouraged by Darin to continue to grow professionally, and that each one of us brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the team.  With this continual reassurance that we are valuable and contributing members to the Center, the morale that he evokes is what inspires our team to thrive in moments of adversity. It is evident that Darin’s passion and commitment to his team, the Center, and nearly 3 decades at USC is the reason he is well-deserving of this University Staff Club Monthly Recognition Award." 

Congratulations, Darin!

Published on March 3rd, 2022

Last updated on March 4th, 2022