Thanks to everyone for making STEM Spotlight on Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering 2017 a success

Professor Paul Ronney on Combustion/Reaction Flows at the STEM Spotlight
Spotlight on the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering was successfully held. Click to know more

Thank you to:

  • The 175 students and their teachers who attended from four different schools.
  • The 18 student volunteers who volunteered to help groups find their way in the buildings and ran the paper airplane competition.
  • The 10 USC Viterbi faculty members who opened their labs and prepared presentations for the students.
  • The 20+ USC graduate and undergraduate students who assisted in the demos and tours of the lab and design studios they work in.


STEM Spotlight on Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering - Click for Activities,
Teaching Materials and More

Handout during presentation by Prof. John McArthur, Liam Brogan & Sophia Wolf: Aircraft Dynamics

Published on October 13th, 2017

Last updated on May 1st, 2020