USC Youth Protection Policies

USC Viterbi people (faculty, staff, students) or programs (departments, centers, etc.) that wish to create their own K-12 Outreach events or programs offer a great service to the community. Please reach out to us in the USC Viterbi K-12 STEM Center so we can help support your efforts. Steps for being in compliance with USC Minor Protection requirements are as follows:

Register your program on this Minor Protection form and send a copy to both: 

  • to launch the compliance activities required by USC, which include a background check. 
  • to alert the USC Viterbi PreK-12 STEM Center of your activities so we can assist you with adding your event/program to our Outreach calendar (if desired), promoting it on the Website, possibly connecting you with students or schools as well as helping you write up an article afterwards for the news page.

Have all people who will be involved with minors take this online training [hyperlink to “Summer19-Minor.Protection.Training” in 1.Team//1.How-to-manuals//How-to-Minor-Protection – remember not to link to OneDrive but to upload the pdf to the] and file their certificate of completion with you. You will be responsible for ensuring that all people required to take this training have done so every two years and that you have their certificates on file, readily accessible. 

Consider using and modifying in any way the Department of Risk Management’s USC Code of Conduct. (hyperlink to come) 

If you feel the minors will be visiting potentially hazardous work areas, use this form of for parental/guardian consent and release [see this in OneDrive folder]provided by the USC Environmental Health & Safety, which also provides Lab Safety Trainings. 

If you plan to take and use photos of minors, have parents complete the USC Image Release form (English and Spanish versions), and keep these signed releases on file; it is also a good idea to have these releases on file for parents or community members who will also be shown in images. Tips on how to take good photos for the Web can be found here.

USC Minor Protection:
Anne Calvo, RN, BSN, MACI, C-PG
Director for Youth Protection & Programming Department of Risk Management and Insurance
3434 S. Grand Avenue, CAL 120-14
Los Angeles, CA 90089 University of Southern California
O. 213.740.2325 Cell 213.400.2705

Published on November 20th, 2019

Last updated on April 22nd, 2020