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Broader Impacts Resources

USC Viterbi’s K-12 STEM Center works closely with faculty to create innovative, “out-of-the-box” partnerships with local schools and/or nonprofit organizations serving underrepresented minority teachers, students, and/or families.
Contact Dr. Katie Mills to develop a partnership with schools at any grade and/or to develop the Broader Impacts portion of a proposal.

Resources on Broader Impacts


Examples from USC Viterbi Faculty


Robotics Night sparks play, wonder at MHS

Elementary students always welcome a chance to interact with robots, especially when robots help children and adults in important ways. The children and their families at Monterey Hills Elementary School interacted with the robots in the lab of USC Viterbi Professor Maja Matarić, who is a parent at the school. To see the article published in the South Pasadena paper, Read More


Professoras Dilkina, Zavaleta, and Vayanos (Left to Right) spent Saturday sharing the broader impacts of their research with families of east Los Angeles

Mariachi music and jazz standards enlivened the multi-school Fair last Saturday sponsored by Los Angeles Unified School District’s Local District East. Families with students attending these schools stopped at many of the Festival’s over 80 booths. While kids clambered to have their faces painted, parents spoke earnestly with principals, teachers, or college recruiters about their children’s futures... Read More


Professor Jha at John Adams Middle School

Did you know that some schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) are built on the remnants of L.A.’s once-booming oil fields? In fact, an estimated 200+ Los Angeles schools have been built on and near oil fields, and quite a few schools are surprisingly close to the city’s active oil pumps... Read More

USC Professor Luhar Partners with STEM Academy of Hollywood

Until the 1990s, the aerospace industry in Los Angeles dominated the local economy and fueled national prosperity; since Pentagon budgets were cut, however, the region’s aerospace workforce has fallen by 66%. Consequently, not many high schools in Hollywood – or even in all of Los Angeles – have guidance from aerospace engineers, but Principal Paul Hirsch has attracted two experts … Read More

Professor Shen Helps Bring Biotech to Boyle Heights High School

Dr. Keyue Shen, USC Viterbi School of Engineering Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, is already introducing biotech to high school students at the STEM Academy of Boyle Heights. Eager to help students understand how their courses in biology, math, and physics can lead them to help society, as does his own research in fighting cancer, Dr. Shen has joined with … Read More

2018 NSF CAREER Award Recipients


2017 NSF CAREER Award Recipients

VAST has helped the NSF Early Career Award winners of the past few years with their Broader Impacts:

2016 NSF CAREER Award Recipients