Energy for Everyone: Elementary and Secondary School Students Emphasize the Eminence of Sustainable Energy

With each passing day, the realities of climate change on Earth become less and less deniable. From devastating flash floods in coastal cities to infustructure-crushing sinkholes in southern swamplands and alarmingly frequent wildfires along the northern west coast, it is clear that our planet as we know it will not be able to sustain the environmental malpractice of human-made institutions … Read More

Collaborative USC Project Connects Kids with World-Class Educators

The Discovery ProjectWhat started as a way for local kids to learn from USC professors has evolved into a chance for students around the country to gain access to extraordinary academic opportunities. It’s called The Discovery Project, and Elizabeth Currid-Halkett from the USC Price School of Public Policy, Sandra Kaplan from the USC Rossier School of Education and Leana Golubchik from the USC Viterbi School of … Read More

“My Daughter Blossomed In Those Two Short Weeks” USC Viterbi Summer Engineering Camp Makes an In-Person Return

Hands-on activities and projects fostered intrapersonal STEM connections this year at Northrop Grumman Summer Engineering Camp. The 2021 session of the summer camp marks an in-person return to activities for 36 local middle school students after 18 months online. As per pandemic guidelines, the 2020 installment of the camp provided distance-learning, joining millions of others holding their programs over Zoom. … Read More

SHINE 2021: 58 High School Students Actively Contribute To USC Viterbi Research

SHINE STUDENT DION WALKER, A RISING SOPHOMORE AT GREAT OAK HIGH SCHOOL, PRESENTED HIS RESEARCH AT THE POSTER SESSION. (PHOTO COURTESY OF RICK BOLTON)On Friday July 30th, the 2021 session of the Summer High School Intensive in Next-Generation Engineering (SHINE) held its annual poster session, the program’s culminating event aimed to celebrate the work and accomplishments of the student participants. At the … Read More

High School Pilots Turn Toward Aerospace Research

Oroville Wright’s birthday, August 19, 1871, has been celebrated since 1939 as National Aviation Day. For his first flight in 1903, Oroville was 32 years old, still a young man whose curiosity about flight remains commonplace among adolescents and young adults deciding what to do with their lives. Today, just under 3% of pilots are between the ages of 16 … Read More

STEM Teacher Blends Equity and CS Education

“While students experience math- and CS-aversion as an intensely personal problem, I view it as a structural one… but we can do something about it!”– Elizabeth NaamehWhen it comes to equity in STEM education, from the rates of female students pursuing STEM majors to the percentage of students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds on high school computer science class … Read More

Viterbi K-12 STEM Outreach: From Molecular Modeling to Addressing Social Problems Using AI to Fighting Hate Speech

It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic changed how we live, how we communicate, and how we learn. In the case of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, professors have taken the limitations of online learning and turned them into positives by engaging in projects with high schoolers both in the community and beyond. “Remote learning can make … Read More

Making Theoretical Computer Science Approachable to High School Students

Theoretical computer science is a branch of computer science that studies the fundamentals of modern computing systems and establishes what computers can and cannot achieve.  Although AI and games theory engage the public, theoretical computer science tends to be overlooked because of its complexity, but it nonetheless plays a key role in large datasets such as scheduling airline flights or … Read More

Learning MATLAB & Computational Physics with USC Electrical Engineering Professor

See Professor Hsu’s full lecture here.Have you ever considered why we need to master Newton’s laws in high school? What are the methods used by computers to solve differential equations? Is it related to Calculus in any way? Many educators agree that one of the most effective methods to engage students is to have them think about how they can … Read More

SHINE 2021 2-Week Analysis

It’s been two weeks since the official kick-off of the SHINE 2021 cohort’s summer semester. From learning how to maneuver Mathworks’ MATLAB with Professor Hsu to SHINE Mentor-led sessions on machine learning to extensive USC Library training, these high school students have made great strides in just the two out of seven weeks they’ll be studying at USC. But now … Read More