CS Ed Week 2020

Monday, 12/07

Try Code.org event: Train a Computer AI

  • 8am PST /1:30pm PST
  • Grades 6-12
Tuesday, 12/08

USC family activity in Spanish:

Also try Code.org event: Dance Party

  • 8am PST /1:30pm PST
  • Grades K-5
Wednesday, 12/09

USC career talk: Engineers from Relativity Space, Twitter, Microsoft

Also try Code.org event: Outbreak Simulator

  • 8am PST /1:30pm PST
  • Grades 4-12
Thursday, 12/10

USC career talks: Google engineer Anthony D. Mays

Also try Code.org event: Design Apps for Good

  • 8am PST /1:30pm PST
  • Grades 6-12
Friday, 12/11

Career talks: YouTube VP Malik Ducard

goIT USC Viterbi K-12 STEM Center Student Final Showcase:

Also try Code.org event: Minecraft: Hero's Journey

  • 8am PST /1:30pm PST
  • Grades 3-7
irobot Hour of code events
  • Telephone Drawing: Modeled after the classic game of Telephone, students will receive, remix, and pass along code down the telephone chain. Will your team fulfill the Picture Goal by the time you reach the end?
  • Guess the Code: Modeled after the classic game of Pictionary™, this game challenges students to interpret code and compete to guess the pictures drawn and songs sung by the virtual Root® SimBot.
  • Robot Feelings: The Kind Playground: Root is learning how to make kind choices when playing with friends. Let’s help with some practice in this lucky spin game! Who will be the first to get Root to make four kind choices in a row?!
  • Traffic Bot: Traffic signals are a staple of safety in our everyday lives AND a way that we all interact with code in the real world! Complete the coding challenges and discover who invented the traffic signal!
  • Seeing the Whole Picture: Just like the different sensors on a robot, our friends can often see, hear, feel or understand things that we cannot. It’s important to listen to others’ points of view. Make sure to listen to what your teammates see in this Crack-the-Code challenge.
  • Simulator Code Break: Learn how to create and download coding projects with this activity packet! Solve all puzzles with the Root® SimBot in the virtual arena to reveal the secret message at the end!
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Published on October 14th, 2021

Last updated on December 15th, 2021