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CS Ed Week 2021

Thank you for joining us in our 7th annual CS Ed Week and Hour of Code events from December 4-11, 2021.

We hosted 26 free, virtual events for students, teachers, and families to inspire K-12 student interest in CS. See links for session recordings below or view our events page for more opportunities.

December 4 – 11, 2021

"It's incredible to be able to do outreach virtually despite the COVID-19 pandemic."

- USC rpl member

"Great project! The project was engaging at the right level with enough variation for students to experiment."

- USC rpl member

CS Ed Week 2021 Calendar

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Saturday, December 4

Public Event | Middle & High school teachers | Beyond the Flier: Actionable Ways to Grow your CS Program

You have a ton on your plate, but hanging up fliers telling students to take CS just isn't cutting it. It's passive, and likely attracts students who already know they're interested. In this free session, you'll build your own toolkit of active recruiting strategies that are easy to implement, effective, and help you reach students who may not know CS is an option for them... and may not even know your course exists! With the right tools, you'll be on your way to growing a CS program in your school with all students represented. Plus, it's more fun - and more effective - than the flier.

Monday, December 6

Public Event | Middle school students | World of Python

USC IEEE student volunteers led this event two years ago and are back again this year! Students will learn the basics of Python through coding a game called CodeCraft, which allows students to learn more advanced coding concepts at their own pace. Students will have the opportunity to join breakout rooms for individualized help with their code!

Tuesday, December 7

Public Event | Elementary Students | My CS STEM Story

Join USC Viterbi School of Engineering students who work as educators in our Mission Science program at the K-12 STEM Center. Hear from Frida, Justin, and Matt as they talk about their STEM journeys that led them to Computer Science and their career aspirations after college.

Wednesday, December 8

Public Event | Elementary & Middle school students | AthenaHacks: Dive Into Coding - Create an Ocean Game from Scratch!

AthenaHacks student volunteers are excited to lead an event this year for the first time! In this session, students will learn how to create a game using Scratch block programming. Students will have the opportunity to work at their own pace and flex their creative muscles in this game coding exercise!

Thursday, December 9

Public Event | High school students | USC Student Organization Panel

We are the USC Rocket Propulsion Lab (RPL), a team of students who are making the most of our college experience by working together to design, build and launch rockets. The lab’s efforts over the past 16 years have gotten us past the earth’s atmosphere and into space. Come join us to learn more about all the different ways we use coding to design our rockets. You will have the chance to hear from four of our upperclassmen and ask questions. See you there!

Friday, December 10

Public Event | Middle school students and High school students | Careers in Computer Science

Hear from iRobot employees on the different careers and career paths in computer science and other fields in robotics. We’ll share some of the ways we work together to make our robots. There’s a lot more to computer science than writing code!

Saturday, December 11

Public Event | Middle and High School teachers | Code.org Info Session

Are you a middle or high school teacher interested in teaching adding a CS course to your school? Learn about the Code.org Professional Learning Program, where teachers participate in a week of summer training to prepare to teach either a CS Discoveries or AP CS Principles course with students the following year (most teachers participate for free!). 5 Code.org Info Session attendees will win a Code.org T-shirt raffle prizes!

Photos from Past CS Ed Weeks


Students created innovative stories using Google's "An Amazing Discovery" on Scratch 3 .


Google engineer Prabir Pradhan taught a student how to debug his code.


Google engineer Scott Wu (right) and USC students hopped on a virtual call to schools.

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