Preparing Students With 21st Century Literacies

California is the sixth largest economy in the world and home to tech companies that shape every aspect of daily life, global economies and even democracy. Yet there remains a stubborn and perilous gap in Computer Science (CS) education in California, especially right here in Los Angeles County. USC Viterbi is the #20 ranked Computer Science Department in the nation – ranked #15 in new and expanding areas of CS such as Artificial Intelligence, yet many schools near the university have only limited access to CS classes. Consequently, many children and teens—especially the low-income students and students of color who are the vast majority of students throughout Southern California’s public schools—are not being equipped with the 21st Century’s necessary technological abilities. 

59,000 Open computing jobs in California

7,311 Computer science graduates

Data from Code.org

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Our Solution

The K-12 STEM Center helps students find the college and career pathways that can provide financial stability and contribute to the nation’s capacity for innovation and leadership. We have a comprehensive Computer Science Ed approach that is both local and expansive, providing tailored solutions to schools in USC’s neighborhoods and comprehensive teacher training throughout Southern California to improve the region’s urgent need to build CS capacity.


Building CS Pathways in Southern California’s School Districts Through Teacher Professional Development.

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Coding Academy

Adding CS Resources to Local Teachers With USC Students.

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Code dojo

Hands-on Interactions for All 12/8-9 (CS Ed Week)

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Annual Robotics Open House (April)

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