Computer Science Mentorship and Achievement with Relevance for Teachers and Students (CSMARTS)

CSMARTS Intervention Components:CSMARTS aims to improve middle school student achievement and teacher quality in computer science by developing and testing effective culturally and societally relevant computer science and engineering design curriculum and pedagogy. Targeting urban students in grades 6 - 8, especially girls from African American and Latino backgrounds, CSMARTS is an intervention program in partnership with Los Angeles area charter middle schools. It is affiliated with the Institute for Engineering Cross-cultural Competence (IEC3) and the part of USC Viterbi Adopt-a-School, Adopt-a-Teacher (VAST) program.

  • Teacher professional development
  • Girls in CS@SC Summer Day Camp
  • Family after school computer science and engineering design program
  • Computer science tutoring with USC Viterbi students in middle school classrooms
  • Girls in Computer Science culturally and societally relevant in-school mentor program

The mission of The Institute of Engineering Community and Cultural Competence (IEC3) is to close the gender gap in STEM with an emphasis on advancing African American and Latino girls and women in the fields of computer science and engineering.