As we continue to ramp up our efforts at the K-12STEM Center, we have learned that numerous K-12 schools around USC and beyond are in desperate need of computers, desktops or laptops.
Since Viterbi faculty and research staff are often in the position of retiring computers that are outdated for their research, but far from outdated for K-12 use, we would like to open a pathway for donations and encourage faculty and staff to do so. 

Here is what to do:

  1.  Communicate your intention to donate the equipment by emailing We will help you can clear any restrictions with the source of support that funded the equipment purchase
  2. Wipe the memory on the computer, but consider leaving (or even installing) a recent common-use operating system such as Windows or Mac OS (depending on the hardware). If the OS is provided by a site license, check if it is OK to keep or re-install the OS, and if not, if there are nominal funds available to install transferable new OS copies.
  3. Dr. Darin Gray, Co-director of USC Viterbi K-12 STEM Center, will provide a letter/note from the receiving institution, which should be filed with your Viterbi administrator (and it is recommended that you scan and file it as well along with the documents related to the funding source that supported the equipment purchase, in case of an audit).

Equipment must be untagged (under $5,000 unit cost) to be eligible.

We hope that you will keep this opportunity to help K-12 in mind as your computers age and are ready for retirement.