Our epic journey in this program is that we experience the different types of dutys and projects of different engineers. we worked on numerous of different projects of all of the engineer field.We got to build great structures and we got to genarate power with just wire and magnets. we got a little taste of the engineering world and school of engineering of usc. we are the future engineers of America. we are getting to learn many different equations and methods so we can build the latest creations of the future

Our glider was made perfect. everything is equally balanced. the craft is a perfect flying machine. Great example of Aerospace Engineering.


Bricker Maker


Alarm circuit is created to help use detect and protect us from the radiation in the surrounding area. it will tell is when harmful rays of radition is near by and we need to leave the area for safety.


 our windmill is a three base so the weight is equally weighed out and the blades are designed to cut hte wind so the wind won't act as friction to the blades

The creation of bricks is extremely important in a mission to mars as a method of blocking the radiation

of the sun. There are many possible methods of creating bricks, which result in different types of bricks

such as mudbricks, fired brick, molded brick, concrete bricks and ect. In a mission to Mars you would

choose the process that is the simplest and easiest to approach, in this situation it would be the

molded bricks.

Molded bricks consist of only raw clay, sand, and water. First, you start with raw clay and add 25-30%

of sand, additionally you will add a small amount of water to make the substance muddy. The

substance is then pressed into steel mounds through the use of the hydraulic press which gives the

brick its shape. The shaped brick is then burned in a temperature that ranges from 900 to 1000

degrees Celsius.

When going to a mission on Mars we must create this process at Mars itself. Thus, I believe that a

machine that is able to extract the natural resources needed from Mars and create the process would

be needed. I designed a machine that has an extendable driller, just how the robot Curiosity found clay

on Mars. After the driller has located clay then an extendable shovel will come to obtain some clay, as

it does this it will extend in a slanted angle so the clay will go down to a tube and fall into a container

where the container will sense to what point is the amount of clay needed. To obtain sand the same

extendable shovel as well as extendable brush will be needed to brush sand off the rocks. Just how

the previously the clay was directed to the container, is how the sand will reach the container. To

obtain the water we will shovel the ice which will go down the tube to the container. One the containers

are filled they will go to a modified version of the hydraulic press that will give the bricks it shape.

Below this will be a stirring pot where a magnet will lie inside one the substance gets heat up the

magnet will move which will stir the substance and heat it at the same time. In this design we will use

Plutonium 238 that will connect to a batter where it will provide for power.

Published on February 25th, 2018

Last updated on April 27th, 2020