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We, Group 2, are a group consisting of 4 people including Bryan Chen, Sophie De La Pena, Sabrina Chiang, and Gabriel Carrera. We are a dedicated team who have completed several projects in these two weeks which we are very proud of each and every one of them!

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After an dozens of minutes this circuit schematic was completed. Artist signed his work after completion.

This schematic is formed from digital logic and consists of OR, AND, and inverter logic gates. The X, Y, and Z in this schematic represent the power coming from those three switches. When no switches are turned on the green light should turn on. When any one of these switches and only on is turned on, the yellow light should turn on. When any of the two and only two switches is turned on, the red light should turn on. When all three switches are turned on, the alarm in the bottom should turn on.

 After the completion of this schematic was the time for the actual construction. The time to put the logic to the test. We began with the three switches and decided to start with the most difficult circuit, the alarm circuit which is linked to the end of the circuit schematic above. After hours of working on the alarm we completed it on the second day. After the alarm completion we began wiring the rest of the alarm connecting all the chips and all to the power and the switches. Here is an image of the circuit in progress. Green light and alarm was working.


Here's a picture of our completely working circuit with the TA who was walking infront of it right when we finished. James taught me a very valuable lesson, that parellel circuits are more powerful than series. Great guy. Anyways, we couldnt upload a video but trust us, it was working.


Published on February 25th, 2018

Last updated on April 27th, 2020