Research Engineering Access Camp for High-School REACH Program


REACH Program: Free For All Participants


What is REACH?

The  USC Viterbi K-12 STEM Center's REACH program aims to help students strengthen their STEM identity and understand the ways that engineering research benefits society. The goal for REACH participants is to learn more about how future opportunities in SHINE or other research programs can help them create a powerful college and career pathway. Students will also learn how to contribute valuable skills to the region and the nation. 

During this program students will: 

  • Commit to a total of approximately 20 hours remote sessions (see schedule below)
  • Learn about engineering research and how your courses and extracurricular activities can all tie together to benefit society
  • Complete a hands-on engineering project
  • Network with USC Viterbi’s SHINE students and alumni
  • Explore different types of engineering fields 
  • Visit USC Viterbi laboratories and become familiar with a university setting
  • Attend a workshop to learn how to write high impact personal statements for extracurricular, internships and college applications
  • Develop and use leadership and communication abilities
  • Learn the importance of applying to STEM opportunities, extracurriculars and more!


"REACH was a very valuable opportunity for me because of the amount of exposure I had to the different fields of engineering."

- REACH Alumni 2022

"REACH is an amazing program that provided a great opportunity to learn more about the various fields of engineering."

- REACH Alumni 2022

"Experiencing the sessions of the guests speakers is very valuable as I was able to learn from people who are currently practicing their certain engineering."

- REACH Alumni 2022

"This program has really empowered me to continue to pursue my aspirations and to learn more to get to where I want in the future."

- REACH Alumni 2022

Please visit the USC Office of Youth Protection and Programming to find out how we protect your child and how you can as well. We have included here for your convenience. 

As a trusted adult in a child’s life, parents, guardians and caretakers play an important role and are uniquely equipped to help them understand and assert personal boundaries, develop healthy relationships, and spot potential problems before they develop into bigger ones. We want you to feel informed about what’s in place to help keep your child safe while participating in a youth program, camp, activity, or event (referred to as “Covered Activity”) at USC, how to recognize when something isn’t quite right, and to feel empowered to report any concerns you may have.

Published on September 29th, 2022

Last updated on February 6th, 2023