USC Combustion and Fuels Research Laboratory

Professor Egolfopoulos and his students research flame chemistry, propulsion, and lasers.

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Combustion Physics Laboratory - USC Engine Research Laboratory

Professor Ronney and his students research energy, fuels, and space.

Dr. Ronney remembers: "As a teen-ager I was interested in making things rocket into the air or explode (or both) - from reading chemistry books I figured out what chemicals to mix and in what proportions. Then the engineer in me took over and I figured out how to make things fly as high or explode as loudly as possible. While I recommend that absolutely no one do what I did, it did lead to my interest in combustion research as a graduate student, from which my career began."

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Professor Sadhal also conducts energy research.

Published on April 19th, 2017

Last updated on April 29th, 2020