Systems Labs

Computer Engineering

Professor Sandeep Gupta and his students design, test and validate high speed systems in the domain of computer engineering.

Professor Nayyar and his students research on decentralized stochastic systems, stochastic control, sensing and communication systems, decentralized control, game theory and mechanism design and electric power systems.

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Cyber Physical Systems Group

Professor Bogdan and his students focus on design of medical devices such as artificial pancreas or pacemakers, bacteria propelled micro robotic swarms for drug delivery purposes and climate-aware modeling, analysis, and control for large-scale sustainable energy harvesting in river networks.

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Integrated Media Systems Center

Professor Georgiou and his students, focus on contriving data-driven solutions for real-world applications with major societal impact in the domains of transportation, social media, security, and health.

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Signal Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory (SAIL)

Professor Georgiou and his students conduct fundamental and applied research in human-centered information processing with emphasis on speech, audio, language, biomedical and multi-modal signal processing, machine learning and pattern recognition.

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Neural Systems Engineering & Information Processing Lab (NSEIP)

Professor Shanechi and her students develop algorithmic solutions to problems in basic and clinical neuroscience that involve the collection and manipulation of neural signals.

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Autonomous Networks Research Group

Professor Bhaskar Krishnamachari and his students perform high-impact academic research in the area of wireless and mobile networks.

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Wireless Zombie Tag

Professor Bhaskar Krishnamachari and his students are developing a new kind of interactive outdoor game platform that uses short-range radio signals between wearable devices carried by players on a field to change their game state based on proximity.

Published on May 24th, 2017

Last updated on April 29th, 2020