Resources for 6th-12th Grades

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NASA Television

NASA TV airs a variety of programming, like views of the Earth from the International Space Station, replays of mission operations, or episodes of produced programs


Fun videos and games with the purpose of getting middle school girls excited about STEM

You can also find at home STEM activities on SciGirls CONNECT.

Amplify science
Amplify Science

Self-guided videos that teach students how to think like scientists and engineers.

ASU Virtual Field Trips
ASU Virtual Fieldtrips

Arizona State University has created many interactive and educationally rich field trip experiences captured during real expeditions with scientists doing current research.

Autodesk Tinkercad

Design, build, and share 3D shapes on the computer with Tinkercad, a software used for 3D printing. Students will need an email to sign up.

Bedford, Freeman, and Worth Publishers
Bedford, Freeman, and Worth Publishers

This publisher who makes AP study materials is providing free webinars to support high school students.

Educode Academy
EduCode Academy

Free story-based coding courses (offer ends May 31, 2020).

Girls who code at home
Girls Who Code at Home

Free unplugged and online activities for learning coding at home.

Girls who code at home

Learn coding and robotics by using a virtual robot, at home, and in three languages!

Coding Glossary for Kids

Need help to decode all this new coding vocabulary? Here is a coding glossary that was shared with us by a student like you!

Educode Academy

Scholarships & Resources for Native American and Alaskan Native Students.

Girls who code at home

Visualize and learn Geometry in 3D on an iPad.

For more resources, go to the resource list for All Grades.

Published on March 26th, 2020

Last updated on October 12th, 2022