Research Lab #3: TEAMCORE

PI: Prof. Milind Tambe(Computer Science)

Lab Overview:
This group is focused on research driven by real-world problems of security, sustainability, and safety. The lab’s roots are in Artificial Intelligence and in multiagent systems and computational game theory: the research focuses on interactions of multiple intelligent agents, that may be humans or software that act in teams, crowds or networks. The research has led to real-world deployments of game-theoretic algorithms for security including a system deployed by the US Coast Guard in a number of ports including New York, Boston, and Los Angeles, and systems used by the Federal Air Marshals service, by LA Sheriff's department and by the LAX airport.

ACCESS 4Teachers-RET Project #3:
Teachers will have an opportunity to learn the full process of a game-theoretic application to security, including modeling, algorithm design, implementation, collecting and processing real-world data, and designing human-subject experiments.  The teachers will:

  • learn how to apply game theory to model and analyze multi-agent systems, and
  • gain first-hand experience of deploying research in the real world.

To learn more about his research, click here.