Research Lab #4:  Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC)

PI: Prof. Cyrus Shahabi (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)

Lab Overview:
IMSC is an informatics research center that focuses in data-driven solutions for real-world applications. The research is motivated by the need to address fundamental Data Science problems related to applications with major societal impacts: transportation, social media, security, and health. Prototype systems for each are being designed to address real world problems and conduct fundamental and applied multidisciplinary research in the area of big data. IMSC has lead to more than ten successful startups and over one hundred invention disclosures.

ACCESS 4Teachers-RET Project #4:
Teachers will learn the full process of mobile application design, programming, testing, and evaluation, as well as the process of designing human-subjects studies. The projects will use of PI’s materials for CSCI 587 Geospatial Information Management. The teachers will:

  • gain first hand knowledge of mobile application development, analysis, and deployment, and
  • learn to use geospatial software tools, applications and libraries e.g. by Oracle, Google and Microsoft.

To learn more about his research, click here.

Published on March 29th, 2017

Last updated on April 22nd, 2020