Research Lab #7:  Biomedical Microsystems Laboratory

PI: Prof. Ellis F. Meng (Biomedical Engineering) This lab research is focused on the development of micro- and nanofabricated devices for biomedical applications with an emphasis on polymer-based systems.  Areas of expertise include flexible neural interfaces, flexible sensors (with application to robotics), and wireless implantable microdevices.  The lab is host to an interdisciplinary group of undergraduate and graduate students and has hosted many RET teachers. ACCESS 4Teachers-RET Project # 7: Teachers will work alongside graduate researchers to design experimental setups, prepare and conduct experiments, and perform data analysis related to development of novel microsensors.  Teachers will assist in the development of laboratory demonstration modules related to microsensors suitable for undergraduate, K-12, and the general public. The ACCESS 4Teachers-RET teachers will:

  • gain first-hand experience in biomedical MEMS sensor technology,
  • understand the mechanical cellular environment using polymer-based MEMS sensors, and
  • recognize the bioengineering potential for miniaturized biomedical devices, its link to science and math instruction and the importance of biomedical devices in influencing improved societal health.

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Published on March 29th, 2017

Last updated on April 22nd, 2020