Research Lab #8:  Wireless Communication Lab

PI:  Prof. Urbashi Mitra (Electrical Engineering) This lab conducts research on the development and analysis of algorithms for wireless communication systems.  Recent research topics of interest include: underwater acoustic communications, multi-hopped systems, wireless body area networks for health, joint sensing, control and communication, ultrawide-band communications and sensor networks. This lab has hosted three RET teachers. ACCESS 4Teachers-RET Project # 8: The teachers will assist in the development of and testing wireless devices on adult human subjects. They will also explore how these devices might be used in classrooms and the data collected from the devices might be used in middle school science and math lessons. The ACCESS 4Teachers-RET teacher will:

  • gain first-hand experience in collecting and analyzing data from wireless health sensor devices,
  • understand the complex issues associated with wireless sensing, and
  • recognize the potential of using basic principles of mathematics and mechanics to  create or develop wireless sensors and devices that benefit society.

To learn more about her research, click here.

Published on March 29th, 2017

Last updated on April 22nd, 2020