RET Leadership Team

  Name/Affiliation /Expertise Project Role(s)
Prof. M. Mataric Viterbi School of Engineering Viterbi Program Leadership/ Vice Dean for Research/Computer Science/Engineering PI: Supervise research, design and monitor the overall project and ACCESS 4 Teachers operation
Prof. G. Ragusa Viterbi School of Engineering STEM Education /Teacher Training / Professional Development/ Assessment/ Evaluation/ Engineering Education Co-PI: Design assessment, implement best practices, program evaluation, & lead teacher content-to-pedagogical training
  STEM Education Graduate Students Viterbi School of Engineering Teacher Mentorship/Pedagogy Expertise/ Lesson Study Support Facilitate lesson study activities with Ragusa and Matarić, support teachers in curriculum & pedagogy
  Engineering Doctoral Students Viterbi School of Engineering Teacher Mentorship/ STEM Content Expertise/ Lab Research Support Facilitate lab research with lab PIs & RET PI Matarić, support teachers in content knowledge and math-science applications

Published on March 29th, 2017

Last updated on April 22nd, 2020