Computer Engineering

Computer engineers design and evaluate computer systems. They work on both hardware and software. They are part of the design, planning, development, and testing of computer hardware. In addition to hardware and software, computer engineers also focus on networks for the transmission of data and multimedia. Computer engineers must understand logic design, microprocessor system design, computer architecture, computer interfacing, and continually focus on system requirements and design.


A robot is a system which exists in the physical world and autonomously senses its environment and acts in it. A robot consists of sensors, effectors/actuators, locomotion system, on-board computer system, and controllers for all of the elements listed.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers uses its information and technology to assist in the medical field. They are important in helping to create advancements in the medical field. Biomedical engineering developments include artificial organs, automated patient monitoring, medical imagin systems, blood chemistry sensors, and much more.


Build and program 5 robots that will:

1. Clear debris

2. Help mobile people escape a building after a disaster

3. Search for survivors

4. Draw a path out of the fallen building

5. Deliver relief supplies