Section A Group 1

 Kaan.K , Meesue, Yide, John, Jade, Aquesha

Computer Engineering: Computer Engineering is a subject that working with electric engineering and computer science. Computer engineering also requies to develope hardware and software. Computer engineering develops computer in order to transfer data and make the computer fater and easier.

Mechanical Engineering:Mechanical Engineering is a subject that  use individual small part to design and form a big system. Mechanical Engineering also involve many other fields of engineering like computer engineering and other subjects like physics.

The main goal for this week was building 6 different types of robort in order to rescure people when disasters happened.

During the first day, we formed our new grroup and assigned jobs. Kaan,K and Yide were working on programing the Arduino Redbot. Aquesha was working on programing the Scribble. Jade was working on programing the iRobot. John was working on building Vex ( Metal). Meesue was working on building and programing VexIQ.

The main prupose for Arduino Redbot was following the path and sound the alarm. At first, Yide and Kaan downloaded the code from online and programed the car. However, the car is not working perfectly. After a while, Kaan and Yide figured out  the connection of the right side of the car was broken. Although Kaan and Yide tried to glue and tape the wire, the connection was still not working. Therefore, we dicided to change the car. After changing a new car and downloading the program, the car finally could follow the path. However, the problem was sometimes the car was not working very well. After test the car mutiple times, we decided to change the program in order to make the car more sensetive.Then, we heard from Professor Gairy that the robot supposed to turn around and find thhe path when it hit a brick. After this we decided to download the pumper code from online in order to slove the problem.

  VEX IQ: Meesue were working on building and programing the VEX IQ, which is the hardest task in this week. The main goal for the VEX IQ was following the line that Scribber drawing and carrying the water.

Scribble: Aquesha was working on the Scribble. The purpose for Scribble was following the iRobot and drawing a line that VEX IQ could following. The Scibble would be on the iRobot when the iRobot came in and followed the iRobot when iRobot came out.

Vex (Metal): John was working on the Vex robort. The main purpose of Vex was moving the block at the entrance.

iRobot: Jade was working on programing the iRobot. The main purpose of the iRobot was trying to find people, which means when the iRobot hit a wall or brick, it should find its way out.

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Published on February 19th, 2018

Last updated on April 28th, 2020