How do faculty and Ph.D. students benefit from SHINE?

  1. SHINE is good for the next generation of engineers.
  2. SHINE students are top notch — With an average GPA of 3.7, these dedicated students have a driving enthusiasm for research. See their final posters here.
  3. Your Ph.D. student(s) will earn a $2,000 stipend for mentoring a SHINE student for 20 hours/week for seven weeks (June 18 – August 3, 2018). This includes mentoring/support of the Ph.D. students by Dr. Katie Mills. Your Ph.D. students gain valuable broader impacts experience.
  4. In 2018, your Ph.D. student mentors will only work 20 hours/week — no more extended research hours for SHINE students.
  5. You receive $500 in M&S for each SHINE student.
  6. You review and accept/reject each student from a pre-screened portfolio of qualified applicants.
  7. Labs can take two SHINE students with two separate Ph.D. student mentors (each paid $2,000).
  8. SHINE is a successful, well-liked program by the SHINE students, their parents, and Ph.D. student mentors.

Professor Amy Childress (center) with her two SHINE students at the poster session

To participate or learn more, please click here. We will ask for a brief description of the research project you would like us to advertise on the SHINE Website. See previous descriptions here.

Prof. Eun Ji Chung (L) and her SHINE student, who has continued conducting research in Dr. Chung’s lab during the school year.

See Prof. Adam Smith talk about his SHINE experience in this video.

Published on November 15th, 2017

Last updated on January 17th, 2018