SHINE 2019 Assigned Readings


Professor Luhar

SHINE Students: Jacklyn and Noah

  • Intertidal Sea Stars alter Body Shape in response to Wave Action

    Authors: Hayne and Palmer Download

  • Aerodynamics of Race Cars

    Author: Katz Download

Professor Spedding

SHINE Students: Luke and Tianhao

  • Enabling Biomimetic Morphing UAVS

    Authors: Hanna, Spedding, Kornbluh, Kirkwood, West, and Kudav Download

  • The Aerodynamics of Flight

    Author: Spedding (Gives a good overview of aerodynamic principles) Download

  • Technical Aspect of Microscale Flight Systems

    Authors: Spedding and Lissaman Download

Professor Uranga

Shine Students: Achintya and Katelyn

  • Electrified Aircraft

    Authors: Kruger, Byahut, Uranga, Dowdle, Gonzalez, and Hall Download

Professor Uranga

Shine Students: Marco

  • Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics


  • Beginner's Guide to Wind Tunnels


  • Effect of Endplates on Two-Dimensional Airfoil Testing at Low Reynolds Number

    Authors: Pelletier and Mueller Visit


Professor Chung

SHINE Student: Jiwoo

  • In vivo biodistribution and clearance of peptide amphiphile micelles

    Authors: Chung, Mlinar, Sugimoto, Nord, Roman, and Tirrell Download

  • Recent advances in chitosan-based nanoparticles for oral delivery of macromolecules

    Authors: Chen, Mi, Liao, Hsiao, Sonaje, Chung, Hsu and Sung Download

  • Peptide and Antibody Ligands for Renal Targeting: Nanomedicine Strategies for Kidney Disease

    Authors: Chung, Masehi-Lano, and Wang Download

Professor Chung

SHINE Student: Jaya

  • In vivo biodistribution and clearance of peptide amphiphile micelles

    Authors: Chung, Mlinar, Sugimoto, Nord, Roman, and Tirrell Download

  • From Vulnerable Plaque to Vulnerable Patient


Professor McCain

SHINE Student: Jennifer

  • The History and Scope of Tissue Engineering

    Authors: Vacanti and Vacanti Download

  • The Challenge of Imitating Nature

    Author: Nerem Download

  • Surface-patterned electrode bioreactor for electrical stimulation

    Authors: Tandon, Marsano, Maidhof, Numata, Montouri-Sorrentino, Cannizzaro, Voldman, Vunjak-Novakovic Download

  • Microfluidic heart on a chip for higher throughput pharmacological studies

    Authors: Agarwal, Goss, Cho, McCain, Parker Download

Professor McCain

SHINE Students: Jaylene

  • Prolonged Culture of Aligned Skeletal Myotubes on Micromolded Gelatin Hydrogels

    Authors: Bettadapur, Suh, Geisse, Wang, Hua, Huber, Viscio, Kim, Strickland, and McCain Download

  • Development and application of human skeletal muscle microphysiological systems

    Author: Truskey Download

Professor Shen

SHINE Student: Jingyu

  • A Microdevice Platform Recapitulating Hypoxic Tumor Microenvironments

    Authors: Ando, Ta, Yen, Lee, Raola, Shen Download

  • Cell-laden microengineered gelatin methacrylate hydrogels

    Authors: Nichol, Koshy, Bae, Hwang, Yamanlar and Khademhosseini Download


Professor Zavaleta

SHINE Student: Nova

  • Multiplexed imaging of surface enhanced Roman scattering nanotags in living mice using noninvasive Raman spectroscopy

    Authors: Zavaleta, Smith, Walton, Doering, Davis, Shojael, Natan and Gambhir Download

  • Raman's "Effect" on Molecular Imaging

    Authors: Zavaleta, Kircher, Gambhir Download

  • Noninvasive molecular imaging of small living subjects using Raman spectroscopy

    Authors: Zavaleta, Cheng, Zerda, Gheysens, Gambhir Download

Professor Zavaleta

SHINE Student: Samuel

  • Intravital imaging by simultaneous label-free autofluorescence-multiharmonic microscopy

    Authors: You, Tu, Chaney, Sun, Zhao, Bower, Liu, Marjanovic, Sinha, Pu and Boppart Download

  • Characterization and application of porous gold nanoparticles as 2-photon luminescence imaging agents: 20-fold brighter than gold nanorods

    Authors: Zavaleta, Kircher, Gambhir Download


Professor Graham

SHINE Student: Jehyeok

  • Metabolomics and Isotope Tracing

    Authors: Jang, Chen and Rabinowitz Download

  • Tracing insights into human metabolism using chemical engineering approaches

    Authors: Cordes and Metallo Download

  • Reverse engineering the cancer metabolic network using flux analysis to understand drivers of human disease

    Authors: Badur and Metallo Download

Professor Graham

SHINE Student: Alejandra

  • Four Key Steps Control Glycolytic Flux in Mammalian Cells

    Authors: Tanner, Goglia, Wei, White, Toettcher, Rabinowitz Download

  • Tracing insights into human metabolism using chemical engineering approaches

    Authors: Cordes and Metallo Download

  • Reverse engineering the cancer metabolic network using flux analysis to understand drivers of human disease (1)

    Authors: Badur and Metallo Download

Professor Lee

SHINE Student: Daniel

    • The interaction of photo-responsive surfactants with biological macromolecules

      Author: Mazwi Visit

    • Insulin Project Description


    • Protein


    • Surfactant


    • Insulin


    Professor Roberts

    SHINE Students: Sarah and Alexandra

    • RNA-peptide fusions for the in vitro selection of peptides and proteins

      Authors: Roberts and Szostak Download

    • mRNA display: ligand discovery, interaction analysis and beyond

      Authors: Takahashi, Austin and Roberts Download

    • RasIns: Genetically Encoded Intrabodies of Activated Ras Proteins

      Authors: Cetin, Evenson, Gross, Jalali-Yazdi, Krieger, Takahashi, Arnold and Roberts Download


    Professor Becerik-Gerber

    SHINE Students: Ameyalli and Saul

    • A virtual reality based study of indoorfire evacuation after active or passivespatial exploration

      Authors: Cao, Lin, and Li Download

    • Building safety and human behaviour in fire: A literature review

      Authors: Kobes, Helsloot, Vries, and Post Download

    • The effects of information and hazard on evacuee behavior in virtual reality

      Authors: Tucker, Marsh, Gifford, Lu, Luh, and Astur Download

    Computer Science

    Professor Luo

    SHINE Students: Justin and Alec

    • The Context-Tree Weighting Method: Basic Properties

      Authors: Willems, Shtarkov, Tjalkens Download

    • How to Use Expert Advice

      Authors: Cesa-Bianchi, Freund, Haussler, Helmbold, Schapire, Warmuth Download

    • Predicting Nearly As Well As the Best Pruning of a Decision Tree

      Authors: Helmbold and Schapire Download


    Professor El-Damak

    SHINE Student: Arnav

    • Design, Modeling, and Fabrication of Chemical Vapor Deposition Grown MoS2 Circuits with E‑Mode FETs for Large-Area Electronics

      Authors: Yu, El-Damak, Radhakrishna, Ling, Zubair, Lin, Zhang, Chuang, Lee, Antoniadis, Kong, Chandrakasan and Palacios Download

    • CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits: Analysis and Design

      Authors: Kang and Leblebici Download

    Professor Kapadia

    SHINE Students: Abhinav

    • Mimicking Biological Synaptic Functionality with an Indium Phosphide Synaptic Device on Silicon for Scalable Neuromorphic Computing

      Authors: Sarkar, Tao, Wang, Lin, Yeung, Ren, Kapadia Download

    • Li-Ion Synaptic Transistor for Low Power Analog Computing

      Authors: Fuller, Gabaly, Leonard, Agarwal, Plimpton, Jacobs-Gedrim, James, Marinella, Talin Download

    • A non-volatile organic electrochemical device as a low-voltage artificial synapse for neuromorphic computing

      Authors: Burgt, Lubberman, Fuller, Keene, Faria, Agarwal, Marinella, Talin, Salleo Download

    Professor Monge

    SHINE Students: Jordan and Dhruv

    • Localization of microscale devices in vivo using addressable transmitters operated as magnetic spins

      Authors: Monge, Lee-Gosselin, Shapiro, Emami Download

    • A Fully Intraocular High-Density Self-Calibrating Epiretinal Prosthesis

      Authors: Monge, Raj, Nazari, Chang, Zhao, Weiland, Humayan, Tai, Emami Download

    Professor Nuzzo

    SHINE Students: Rayan

        • EPIC: Ending Piracy of Integrated Circuits

          Author: Roy, Koushanfar and Markov Download

        Professor Nuzzo

        SHINE Students: Pratham and Jason

        • A Contract-Based Methodology for Aircraft Electric Power System Design

          Author: Nuzzo, Xu, Ozay, Finn, Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Murray, Donze, Seshia Download

        • Optimizing Assume-Guarantee Contracts for Cyber-Physical System Design

          Author: Oh, Kang, Shiraishi, Nuzzo Download

        • Compositional Verification for Autonomous Systems with Deep Learning Components

          Authors: Pasareanu, Gopinath, and Yu Download

        Professor Sideris

        SHINE Students: Matthew

        • NIPS 2016 Tutorial: Generative Adversarial Networks

          Author: Goodfellow Download

        • Generative Adversarial Nets

          Authors: Goodfellow, Puget-Abadie, Mirza, Xu, Warde-Farley, Ozair, Courville, and Bengio Download

        • Generative Model for the Inverse Design of Metasurfaces

          Authors: Liu, Zhu, Rodrigues, Lee, and Cai Download

        • A Beginner's Guide to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)


        Professor Wang

        SHINE Student: Michael

        • Black phosphorus field-effect transistors

          Author: Li, Yu, Ye, Ge, Ou, Wu, Feng, Chen, and Zhang Download

        • Two-dimensional material nanophotonics

          Authors: Xia, Wang, Xiao, Dubey and Ramasubramaniam Download



        Professor Childress

        SHINE Student: Pearson

        • Wetting phenomena in membrane distillation: Mechanisms, reversal, and prevention

          Authors: Rezaei, Warsinger, Lienhard, Duke, Matsuura, and Samhaber Download

        • Membrane distillation at the water-energy nexus: limits, opportunities, and challenges

          Authors: Deshmukh, Boo, Karanikola, Lin, Straub, Tong, Warsinger, and Elimelech Download

        • Disinfection by-product formation during seawater desalination: A review

          Authors: Kim, Amy, Karanfil Download

          Professor McCurry

          SHINE Student: Andrew

          • Support Morphology-Dependent Catalytic Activity of Pd/CeO2 for Formaldehyde Oxidation

            Authors: Tan, Wang, Yu, and Zhou Download

          • On the Role of Oxygen in the Liquid-Phase Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols on Palladium

            Authors: Keresszegi, Burgi, Mallet, Baiker Download

          • Enhanced Perfluorooctanoic Acid Degradation by Electrochemical Activation of Sulfate Solution on B/N Codoped Diamond

            Authors: Liu, Fan, Quan, Fan, Chen, and Zhao Download

          Professor McCurry

          SHINE Student: Max,

          • Halonitroalkanes, Halonitriles, Haloamides, and N-Nitrosamines: A Critical Review of Nitrogenous Disinfection Byproduct Formation Pathways

            Authors: Shah and Mitch Download

          • Halonitromethane Drinking Water Disinfection Byproducts: Chemical Characterization and Mammalian Cell Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity

            Authors: Plewa, Wagner, and Jazwierska Download

          • Occurrence of a New Generation of Disinfection Byproducts

            Authors: Krasner, Weinberg, Richardson, Pastor, Chinn, Sclimenti, Onstad, and Thruston Download

            Professor McCurry

            SHINE Student: Angel

            • The Chlorine Dilemma

              Authors: Sedlak and Gunten Download

            • Toxic Impact of Bromide and Iodide on Drinking Water Disinfected with Chlorine or Chloramines

              Authors: Yang, Komaki, Kimura, Hu, Wagner, Marinas, and Plewa Download

            Professor Smith

            SHINE Student: Sarah

            • Urban wastewater treatment plants as hotspots for antibiotic resistant bacteria and genes spread into the environment: A review

              Authors: Rizzo, Manaia, Merlin, Schwartz, Dagot, Ploy, Michael, Fatta-Kassinos Download

            • Elucidating microbial community adaptation to anaerobic co-digestion of fats, oils, and grease and food waste

              Authors: Amha, Sinha, Lagman, Gregori and Smith Download

            • Microbial management of anaerobic digestion: exploiting the microbiome-functionality nexus

              Authors: Carballa, Regueiro, and Lema Download


            Material Science

            Professor Ravichandran

            SHINE Students: Elizabeth

            • Bandgap Control via Structural and Chemical Tuning of Transition Metal Perovskite Chalcogenides

              Authors: Niu, Huyan, Liu, Yeung, Ye, Blankemeier, Orvis, Sarkar, Singh, Kapadia, and Ravichandran Download

            • Chalcogenide Perovskites for Photovoltaics

              Authors: Sun, Agiorgousis, Zhang, and Zhang Download



            Professor Culbertson

            SHINE Student: Rachel

            • Haptics: The Present and Future of Artificial Touch Sensations

              Authors: Culbertson, Schorr, and Okamura Download

            • Wearable Haptic Pneumatic Device for Creating the Illusion of Lateral Motion on the Arm

              Authors: Wu and Culbertson Download

            Professor Mataric'

            SHINE Students: Ipek, Mena, Cassandra, Junzhe, Ishaan, and Riya

            • Defining Socially Assistive Robotics

              Authors: Feil-Seifer and Mataric Download

            • Embodiment in Socially Interactive Robots

              Author: Deng, Mutlu, and Mataric Download

            Professor Valero-Cuevas

            SHINE Student: Bryant and Irie

            • Mechanics of Bipedal Locomotion

              Author: Alexander Download

            • A Physical Model Suggests That Hip-Localized Balance Sense in Birds Improves State Estimation in Perching: Implications for Bipedal Robots

              Authors: Urbina-Melendez, Jalaleddini, Daley, Valero-Cuevas Download

            • Autonomous functional movements in a tendon-driven limb via limited experience

              Authors: Marjaninejad, Urbina-Melendez, Cohn, Valero-Cuevas Download


            Published on June 16th, 2017

            Last updated on July 9th, 2019