Alumni from the USC MESA program, the Viterbi STEM School Partnership (VSSP), other California MESA programs, Mission Engineering as well as MESA programs across the United States enroll and attend USC. SPACE provides students with an opportunity to share their pre-college STEM experiences, support existing k-12 STEM students and inform the outreach efforts of Viterbi STEM Educational Outreach Programs Office.

SPACE creates a sense of community support, a safe "space", similar to the  pre-college STEM programs in which the students participated. By building on students’ prior positive experience in pre-college  or community college STEM programs, SPACE will also help students connect with USC resources such as: Viterbi academic resources, the Viterbi Center for Engineering Diversity (CED), and other USC student community and support programs.

On October 6th and 7th, SPACE was represented at the MESA Student Leadership Conference where more than 200 hand-picked engineering and computer science students networked with industry professionals.


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Internship Opportunity!

SCEC’s UseIT Program challenges teams of undergraduates of diverse backgrounds with real-world earthquake issues that require collaborative, interdisciplinary applications of earth science and information technology. The internships provides compensation of at least $6500, including summer housing at USC’s Village. We still have spots for USC students who are interested in interdisciplinary research. If you are a USC Viterbi undergraduate CS student, please apply at:

The site was established to be the primary source for searching Federally-sponsored opportunities for undergraduate students and undergraduate programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) areas. These opportunities range from scholarships and research internships that undergraduate students can apply to directly to funding opportunities for academic institutions to establish innovative undergraduate training programs.

USC Academic Resources

Viterbi Academic Resource Center (VARC) offers tutoring, academic skills workshops, and group study sessions.

Viterbi Careers is committed to helping you achieve your future career goals through self-evaluation exercises, future planning, goal setting, and career counseling.