The STEM Ecosystem of Greater Los Angeles

"We see a region where everyone can nurture their creative and critical thinking, where STEM supports social and emotional connections, and where the world looks to emulate LA’s model. We believe that it's through the coordination of resources afforded by an ecosystem, that we will fulfill our mission and see a Los Angeles full of joyful children and youth who are excited, confident and prepared to chart any future they want, affecting their own lives and the future of their communities and the world."
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The LA STEM Collective envisions communities across the Greater Los Angeles region with identified pathways for success in STEM-related fields and a high level of diversity among future STEM professionals by creating equitable access to STEM learning and enrichment opportunities for Los Angeles youth. The Collective will build a model of STEM learning that pushes experiences out of institutional gatekeepers, where professionals can support the activities and aspirations of communities where they live.

K-12 STEM CENTER & The LA Ecosystem

The USC Viterbi School of Engineering K-12 STEM Center, The LA STEM Collective and SoCal ISE are leading the resurgence of the Greater Los Angeles STEM Ecosystem.

The K-12 STEM Center has a 45 year history of providing STEM Outreach in Los Angeles. In 2016, we reached beyond programming to support out of school time efforts throughout the greater Los Angeles Area. One of the first actions was continuing the decades old work of the Educational Consortium of Central Los Angeles by providing current information regarding Events and Educational Resources for schools and teachers in the Central Los Angeles Area.  In the years following, the STEM Center joined the annual City of STEM, became a part of the LA STEM Hub, co-created the LAUSD STEAM Certification for schools, participated in in the Los Angeles County of Education’s STEAM Committee and most recently became a member of the of the LA Mayor’s Out of School Task Force. These efforts culminated in the STEM Center taking a leadership role in creating the LA STEM Collective, the STEM Ecosystem of Greater Los Angeles.


Published on March 14th, 2022

Last updated on April 21st, 2022