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STEM Perspectives is a USC student-led 6-8 week program that provides high school students with the opportunity to explore different “perspectives” in STEM not usually taught in their classrooms. Outside of the subject taught, the program features guest speakers who expose students to other STEM-related fields and careers. The leadership, team work, communication, and research skills taught in this program help students apply these skills to formulate a better plan for their future goals and careers.

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  • The Fall 2021 program will be focused on neuroscience, research, and STEM career development.
  • It will start September 9th and will be a 7 week program. Students will meet weekly and will present research literature review projects at the end of the program.

Program Design

The program was piloted in Fall of 2020 and caters to the online environment imposed by the current pandemic by using Canvas and Zoom as the main platform for communication.

Students attend weekly sessions and complete projects that teach them skills in scientific research and public speaking.

This program provides the unique opportunity for close mentorship among USC Neuroscience student instructors and collaboration among students.

Students gain access to various guest speaker presentations with different backgrounds in STEM related fields.

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Our Staff

Program Creator and Director (

I am a Neuroscience student at USC with a minor in Piano Performance. I created STEM Perspectives to provide students the opportunity to explore topics not normally accessible in a classroom setting, and to collaborate with professionals in the STEM field. I encourage students to learn about research methodology since it is an important aspect of any career.  

I perform research on Alzheimer’s Disease USC Gerontology to identify risk factors in relation to sex differences and genotypes. In my free time, I create and display artwork at galleries, read, play the piano, go to the beach, and volunteer as an educator for caregivers and patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Rojan Javaheri

Our Volunteers

I’m Alethea de Jesus, a second-year undergraduate majoring in Biological Sciences and Neuroscience. I joined the STEM Perspectives program because it grants me the opportunity to serve others through my two passions–science and teaching!

Alethea De Jesus

Hi I'm Haylie! I am a freshman at USC majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in German. I am passionate about research and aim to get my PhD in the future. Developmental disorders are particularly interesting to me and I have experience working in the lab researching fetal hydrocephalus. In my free time, I enjoy painting, going for picnics, and cooking/baking. ”

Haylie Murray

Past Volunteers

Isabel is from Portland and hopes to become a doctor. She is a senior at USC studying neuroscience with a minor in forensics and criminality. Her research studies motor development and examines early intervention for infants with or at risk for developmental delays. She loves reading, trying out new recipes, and searching for the best cafe in Los Angeles.

Isabel Reed

Published on December 11th, 2020

Last updated on August 25th, 2021