Taking Flight

Section A Group 1

Kaan.k , Meesue, Yide, John, Jade, Aquesha

The final week finally started. For this week, we had two project: Taking Flight and Water Treatment . From Monday to Tuesday, we had to build 3 things. The first one is a model rocket. The second  is bottle rocket. The third is remote control plane. During this week, we basically used aerospace engineering

Aerospace Engineering : Aerospace Engineering is a primary engineering field that mainly focusing on developing aircraft and spacecraft. By learning the aerospace engineering, we also have to know about computer engineering in order to programming and mechanical engineering.

Center of gravity: The Center of gravity of a body is that point through which the result of the system of parallel forces formed by the weights of all the particles constituting the body passes for all positions of the body.

Center of pressure: The center of pressure is the point where the total sum of a pressure field acts on a body, causing a force to act through that point

Just like past 3 weeks, we separated into 3 group to working on different project. Kaan.K and John worked on the model rocket. Yide and Aquesha were worked on the Bottle rocket. Messue and Jade worked on the remote control plane.

Bottle Rocket:

The main purpose of bottle rocket was trying to carry a small plane and used a motor to separate them apart at the middle of air. During the first 2 hours, Yide and Aquesha completely focused on the bottle rocket. However, they figured out what they should do eventually by asking a TA and friends. First of all, Yide cut a bottle and used the top of the bottle to be nose of rocket. Then, they started to design the wings. The length of wings was 13cm. The height of wings was 5cm. After Aquesha glued all the wings, Yide and Aquesha built a small plane. After this, they started to design an attachment for the small plane with the bottle rocket. The idea of the design was using rubber bands to fix the small plane and put the motor under the rubber band. If the motor turned, the rubber band would move and the small plane would fly out. After this, Yide and Aquesha started to program the arduino. At first they used the wrong motor, which was the one that was meant for plane use. After they changed to the right motor, the motor was still not working. After changing the code and computers, they finally figured the problem: they put the batteries in wrong.

Model Rocket :

 Kaan K and John used paper to build the body. They used balsa wood to build the nose, and they taped the motor to the end. Then, they calculated the pressure point, and according to the pressure point, they arrange the center of gravity. They also used plastic stripes stacked inside the body to make the rocket's weight evenly distributed.

Remote control plane:

The remote control plane was not easy to build. Jade and Meesue had problems controlling the tail. It was very hard to control the tail to move side to side. They glued the wings on the bottom of the plane, but the instruction said the wings were supposed to be on the top. The other problem was the knife was not sharp enough to cut the foam properly; therefore, they spent long time to cutting the materials.


Field trip:  This week we went to the JPL to learn more about aerospace engineering.

 Scratch Link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/115730061/

Prezis Link: https://prezi.com/vfigyhvpaqth/edit/#63_30863873

Scratch for water treatment :https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/116300820/