Week 4: Taking Flight

What is Aerospace Engineering?
Aerospace engineering is the type of engineering that involves the design/construction of aircraft and spacecraft, along with other things like making cars aerodynamic.

RC Plane

Testing Video:

Our plane didn't fly well and we believe it was either due to the operator of the controller or the motor didn't provide enough thrust.


Model Rocket

The center of gravity was determined by balancing the rocket on our finger. We wanted to get the center of pressure behind the center of gravity, so the rocket would be stable, but we were not able to do this, even when we added weight to the front of the rocket and decreased the area of the nose.

Testing Video:

Bottle Rocket/ Glider

Our rocket/glider didn't go anywhere because, when the tether was pulled, it just exploded shooting water and the fins off. If we had more time we would go back and see calculations to see what went wrong.

Published on February 19th, 2018

Last updated on June 18th, 2022