Week 4: Aerospace Engineering

This week, we did not have as much time as the previous three weeks to finish our projects. We had one day to complete three projects: a remote control plane, a model rocket, and a bottle rocket. 

First, the remote control plane. Our objective is to build a plane from scratch and be able to use a remote control to make the plane fly up, down, right, and left.  

This is our final product: 

In the end, we were only able to go right and left, not up and down. 

Next, the model rocket. We need to build a model rocket with a streamer recovery system. A streamer recovery system is a way to slow down the descent of a falling object, so when the rocket reaches its peak, the nose will pop off, releasing the streamers, and the streamers would slow down the descent of the rocket. While parachutes are more commonly used as a way to slow down an object, streamers are also used. 

This is our final product: 

After we launched the rocket, the rocket flipped in midair many ties and did not deploy the streamer recovery system. 

Finally, the water bottle rocket. We needed to build a water powered rocket while having a glider attached to it. This rocket also had a recovery system, however instead of a streamer recovery system, we used a parachute recovery system. At the highest point, an arduino that is attached to the rocket needs to deploy the glider and parachute. The arduino would separate the glider and the rocket. The glider would glide safely down and the parachute would deploy, slowly bringing the rocket down to prevent any damage to the arduino. 

This is our final product (which in my opinion kind of looks like a bomb... -_-):

Sadly, the bottle rocket also did not work because rather than flying up, the rocket flew sideways while flipping at the same. Additionally, the glider was unable to be released and the parachute was unable to deploy because all the strings got tangled. 

Through our products were not successful, it was very fun learning experience. 

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Published on February 19th, 2018

Last updated on April 28th, 2020