Ways for Faculty and Others to Get Involved

USC Viterbi Faculty

One of our goals is to share the broader impacts of USC Viterbi’s faculty research with our local community. Formerly via our VAST program and now as a Center initiative, the K-12 STEM Center works with USC Viterbi faculty to help adapt, align, and share concepts from their research with K-12 students, teachers, and/or families. USC Viterbi faculty looking to have direct contact with K-12 audiences can reach out to Co-Director Dr. Darin Gray at

Examples of past collaborations:



What is it like to be an engineer? What do engineers do for fun? How can I become an engineer? Students want to know! If you are a STEM industry professional looking to volunteer your time to inspire future generations of scientists, engineers, and programmers, please reach out to Please include your name and STEM background.


Community members interested in volunteering for special event days are invited to fill out our volunteer form. Community members who want to volunteer will need to complete a LiveScan background check prior to volunteering.