Building Opportunities
with Teachers in Schools (BOTS)


The K-12 STEM Center follows all University guidelines for protecting students, families, teachers, and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic: no events on or off campus, and staff are working remotely.​​

Introduction: BOTS

Building Opportunities with Teachers in Schools (BOTS) fosters digital equity in three East LA elementary schools via a Community of Practice of teachers & USC Robotics, co-creating scalable & affordable inschool robotics/coding to build student computational thinking & support LAUSD Tech goals.


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BOTS Logic Model

Goal: To help teachers and students in East LA gain equal access to 21st century digital skills, building demonstrable ability in computational thinking and understanding of the social significance of computer science. Learn More...

Program Description

Building Opportunities with Teachers in Schools (BOTS) is a strategic solution to the well-documented problem of unequal access to 21st century digital skills within East Los Angeles schools serving low income neighborhoods (Margolis et al).  Learn more...

  • Evergreen Elementary
  • Gates Elementary
  • Malabar Elementary
  • Santa Teresita School
  • Holy Spirit STEM School
  • Sheridan Street Elementary School
  • Murchison Street Elementary School
  • Resurrection Catholic School
  • St. Odilia School

BOTS 2019-2020 Teacher Capstone Projects
BOTS 2019-20 Annual Report
At St. Odilia School, Ms. Garcia and Ms. Luna programmed the Sphero SPRK+ robots with block coding.

At St. Odilia School, Ms. Garcia and Ms. Luna programmed the
Sphero SPRK+ robots with block coding.


Sphero SPRK+ robot, programmed via the Sphero Edu app on a tablet or smart phone.

Needs Statement

There is no longer any question that even very young children are capable of STEM modes of inquiry, reasoning, and persistence; they enjoy and benefit throughout advancing school years from hands-on work with coding, robotics, and computer science. By the time today’s 1st graders complete high school in 2029, digital fluency will require sophisticated computational thinking and thorough understanding of the role of computers and artificial intelligence in our society. Robotics is not a game but a tangible, authentic and proven age-appropriate way to launch 6-8-year-old children toward lifelong digital agency. Learn more...

Our Past Events

Teachers play with Robots

The teachers at the partner Elementary Schools fell in love with the robots at the recent hands-on encounter. The teachers stopped by to learn how easy it is to code a robot as part of the process of recruiting teachers to participate in USC Viterbi's K-12 STEM Center new program, Building Opportunities with Teachers in Schools (BOTS). Learn More..

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Media Literacy for BOTS Families

El Círculo Familiar engages immigrant Hispanic in the Boyle Heights barrio of east Los Angeles. El Círculo Familiar provides families of BOTS students with fun, bilingual “play shops” using digital technologies to activate STEM learning and enhance media literacy among neighbors and across generations. Learn More...

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Videos From Sheridan Street Elementary

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