Medicine Delivery System

Group 5: Harshil Shah, Jade Rattanaxay, Nina Taurich, Nick Plummer, Sitara Simons, Wren Woods


Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Biomedical Engineering integrates engineering concepts to the fields of biology and health care to create tools and devices that can effectively be used to improve human health. A few examples of inventions created by the field of Biomedical Engineering include: leadless cardiac pacemakers, antibody drug conjugates, and the Dengue Vaccine.

Electrical Engineering (EE)
Electrical Engineering is a field that emphasizes study the concepts of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Electrical engineers focus on designing computers, electronic devices, and electric power networks. Electrical engineers also help design circuits and other equipment that is essential in the daily life of humans.

Computer Science (CS)
Computer Science is the study of software and software systems. Computer scientists analyze and design new algorithms in order to find solutions to problems and study the efficiency of computer software and hardware. An application of this is seen as computer scientists create the algorithms that allow applications to quickly run on computers and mobile devices.

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The Design Process:

1) Truth Table

A B C Results
0 0 0 Green
0 0 1 Yellow
0 1 0 Yellow
1 0 0 Yellow
0 1 1 Red
1 1 0 Red
1 0 1 Red
1 1 1 Alarm

No health risks - Green LED,medicine dispensed

1 health risk - Yellow LED, medicine dispensed

2 health risks - Red LED, no medicine dispensed

3 health risks - Alarm sounded, no medicine dispensed


A - Health risk #1 (blood pressure)

B - Health risk #2 (anemia)

C - Health risk #3 (serum periostin)

2) Digital Logic & Boolean Algebra

ABC = Alarm

A'B'C' = Green LED

A'BC + AB'C + ABC' = Yellow LED

A'B'C + AB'C' + A'BC' = Red LED

3) Circuit Diagram (Yenka)/ Scratch Simulation

Scratch Simulation

4) Final Project & Prezi!

a) Working Speaker

b) Working Timer

c) Final Product!

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Published on February 25th, 2018

Last updated on April 3rd, 2024