Planning for High School

As you begin to plan for high school try to keep as many options open as possible for yourself.

As high school graduation approaches you may discover that the vocational school route is right for you. In this case, your post-secondary education can be done at a community college with the goal of obtaining a certificate or an associate degree. You can enter several STEM careers with an associate’s degree or certificate: web developers, computer specialists, environmental technicians, and agricultural and food science technicians to name a few.

You may find that receiving a bachelor’s degree is the right path for you and can be received from a CSU, UC, or independent college/university. In order to pursue a degree in any of the three systems (CSU, UC, or independent) you are required to complete a specific set of courses, known as the “a-g” courses, by your final year of high school and maintain a competitive GPA to be eligible for admission. Not completing these courses will limit your options for after high school.

If your school currently offers it, challenge yourself now by taking “a-g” courses and get ahead, such as foreign language or Algebra while you are in middle school. This will allow you to take more advanced courses in high school and familiarize yourself more with the “a-g” coursework.

Published on November 8th, 2017

Last updated on April 21st, 2020