Bridge and ROV

Group 5: Harshil Shah, Jade Rattanaxay, Nina Taurich, Nick Plummer, Sitara Simons, Wren Woods



Civil Engineering (CE)

Civil engineering is an engineering field that emphasizes on dealing with the constructions and maintenance of structures, such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Even though this is the main focus of civil engineers, they are also capable of doing much more outside their field. Civil engineers are also found in the aerospace industry, where they design planes and in the automotive industry, where they improve the quality of vehicles.

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechanical engineering is a field that incorporates engineering ideas to design and manufacture devices that are as small as inkjet printer nozzles to spacecrafts. A mechanical engineering must have a deep understanding of forces and the environment that the product will encounter. Mechanical engineering is the most diverse fields of engineering because they are involved in anything from the aerospace industry to the automation industry.
Industrial Engineering (IE)

Industrial engineering integrates concepts from science, math, and engineering to make operations more simple. Industrial engineers must have experience in many fields because their work requires them to work well with people and have a thorough understanding of computer simulation and problem solving. Industrial engineers are often involved in resource allocation and scheduling and quality assurance.

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Project Overview:

1) Design of the Bridge

Before beginning to construct the brdige, we had to make a simulation of it on Bridge Designer in order to make sure it worked.

2) Construction of the Bridge

In order to construct the actual bridge, we were given 15 planks of Balsa wood, 144 sticks of Balsa wood, 15 hot glue gon sticks, and 4 glue guns. In order to make this project work, we had to glue the the sticks of Balsa wood together and use it to construct the archs and triangular portions of the bridge.

3) Construction of the ROV

 This is the picture of the ROV, before it was programmed and functioning.

4) Final Project

Our final project!


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Published on February 25th, 2018

Last updated on June 17th, 2022