Summer High School Intensive in
Next-Generation Engineering

During the COVID pandemic, SHINE offers a hybrid of remote synchronous and asynchronous work optimized to give each student experience in both collaborative and independent research, which are skills essential to college and career success.

      June 14 - July 30, 2021    

All research at USC has had to shift to remote collaboration because of COVID, even as a limited number of professors and Ph.D. students are permitted back on campus. SHINE’s commitment is to provide high school students with a real life research experience as part of a professor’s research team. Despite being fully remote again in 2021, SHINE retains this emphasis on experiential learning – learning by doing, not by studying – immersing students within their choice of cutting-edge research on cancer, environmental sustainability, machine learning, robotics, haptics, aerospace, and much more. Close mentorship comes from USC Viterbi faculty, staff, and especially the graduate student researchers -- all enveloped within SHINE's cohort activities and network. Now in its seventh year, SHINE has alumni in most of the nation's top engineering schools, including here at USC Viterbi, MIT, Harvard, CalTech, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Duke, U Penn, and more. We confirmed last summer that rewarding, hands-on research is accomplished even while remote, as all the posters from 2020 demonstrate. Social and academic group experiences remain a priority, including team-building opportunities opened up by virtual communication. See choices of 2021's research projects and culminating posters from the past six years. Read about SHINE alumni who now attend USC Viterbi. See a SHINE alumna's contribution to a peer-reviewed paper from the Smith lab published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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" I'm excited to say that I will be attending USC as a Trustee scholar in the fall. It was a very tough decision as I had some amazing schools to chose from, but I ultimately chose USC due in large part to how much I enjoyed the SHINE experience last summer. Just wanted to thank you guys again for making my experience amazing last summer amazing and I hope to see you guys around in the fall! " --- Rajvir Dua " Thank you for the amazing SHINE experience this summer! From reading scholarly literature to programming in MATLAB, I have learned so much. This will be a summer I will never forget, and it wouldn't have been possible without SHINE. " " I appreciate how I was able to get first hand experience of what research was like in my field of interest, and not a sugar-coated facade of what most people think research is. Research is difficult and frustrating, and sometimes all one can do in the lab is wait for results. And even that was a great experience. " " I loved it! I felt like I learned much more than what I was expecting. " " I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being at USC and Viterbi. It was good to see if the engineering lifestyle was for me early on so I could know if I wanted to pursue an engineering career. I also enjoyed meeting people of similar and higher intellectual levels of myself with similar educational interests. " " SHINE means a lot to me. I was so fortunate to have taken part in this amazing program, and I feel like I am one big step closer to what I want to pursue in the future. SHINE increased my interest and love in STEM, and I just wish more people would know about this program. " " This was truly a fun-filled experience in which I learned so much about what field I want to go into in the future. I got to meet so many people who I will be sure to stay in touch with. " " I learned a lot and I think I'll use the skills I learned here consistently throughout my entire life, especially considering the nature of my research and my likely major. " " I'm grateful to all of the staff and mentors for being so welcoming. Everyone is friendly, approachable, and willing to help with anything. " " It was really cool to be able see the real-life applications of my research and how big of an impact it had on the future. " " I feel like I have learned so much over these past seven weeks, and my SHINE experience has helped me go out of my comfort zone, gain confidence, and learn. " " What I loved most about SHINE were the people I met and the relationships I formed with my fellow SHINE students, PhD mentors, and other students in the lab. These are relationships I hope to maintain in the future, and have helped me to grow as a person and a scientist. I loved having my eyes opened to the way of life of a university research, and getting to experience other people's passion for STEM. I feel like I have found many people with whom I share a common interest, and I feel like a more mature student and overall person because of my experiences here. " " Best experience of my life. Would love to do it again. " " PARENT: My child was looking for a great opportunity to stretch herself over the summer. This addressed both her passion for STEM and for research. "