High School Intensive in
Next-generation Engineering

We hope SHINE will be on campus in Summer 2022, depending on COVID; Keep track of USC's COVID policies here

      June 13 - July 29, 2022    

Applications open Dec 2021; due March 1, 2022

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All research at USC has had to shift to remote collaboration because of COVID, even as a limited number of professors and Ph.D. students are permitted back on campus. SHINE’s commitment is to provide high school students with a real life research experience as part of a professor’s research team. Despite being fully remote again in 2021, SHINE retains this emphasis on experiential learning – learning by doing, not by studying – immersing students within their choice of cutting-edge research on cancer, environmental sustainability, machine learning, robotics, haptics, aerospace, and much more. Close mentorship comes from USC Viterbi faculty, staff, and especially the graduate student researchers -- all enveloped within SHINE's cohort activities and network. Now in its seventh year, SHINE has alumni in most of the nation's top engineering schools, including here at USC Viterbi, MIT, Harvard, CalTech, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Duke, U Penn, and more. We confirmed last summer that rewarding, hands-on research is accomplished even while remote, as all the posters from 2020 demonstrate. Social and academic group experiences remain a priority, including team-building opportunities opened up by virtual communication. See choices of 2021's research projects and culminating posters from the past six years. Read about SHINE alumni who now attend USC Viterbi. See a SHINE alumna's contribution to a peer-reviewed paper from the Smith lab published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

What have students learned through their SHINE 2020 experience?


Published on January 17th, 2018

Last updated on December 3rd, 2021