Electrophysics Labs

Analog Mixed-Signal IC Group

Professor Mike S.W. Chen and his students' research goal is to explore the optimal analog circuit and system architecture with diminishing power and area consumption in the future nano-scale technologies.

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Wei Wu Research Group

Led by Professor Wei Wu , this group does cutting edge research in the domains of Nano-Fabrication, Nano-Electronics, Nano-Photonics and Chemical Sensing.

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Hossein Hashemi's Group

Professor Hashemi and his students analyze, design, and implement integrated circuits and systems for communications, sensing, and imaging applications.

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Povinelli Nanophotonics Laboratory

Professor Povinelli and her students study nanophotonic structures such as photonic crystals, microresonators, and nanowires for applications in optical communications, energy, and biology.

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Keck Photonics Laboratory - Clean Room

Keck Photonics Laboratory's clean room provides an environment that is temperature and humidity controlled with specialized utilities throughout the lab including high purity deionized water, high purity gases, equipment cooling water, exhaust ducting etc.

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Published on May 24th, 2017

Last updated on April 29th, 2020