Robotic Asistance 

By Greg,Tom,Noah,Liana,Annie and Shelny

Background Knowledge

Biomedical Engineering: combines the designes and probelm-solving skills of engineering with the studies of biomedical to create treatments, therapies and solutions for various health problems.

Computer Science: is the field of computations that studies structure, expression,algorithms, storage, communication and the access of information. 

Project Goals

During the robotic assistance mission, there will be five robots working together as a team. Suppose that a building collapses, and people are stucked in the debris, a Vex robot should come first and push any rocks that are blocking the entrance.  

Then, a LEGO robot should be on its way to lead survivors that are still capable of walking  out of the disaster site.

After that, an iRobot will enter to find other victims who are alive but unable to move with a scribbler following its trial to leave a line.

Last but not least, the Vex IQ has to finish its job by following the line that the scribbler left behind to individual person with relief supplies.